Hanging Bridge Sevilla

The Bamboo Hanging Bridge crossing the Sipatan River in the Municipality of Sevilla, Bohol, is a fun tourist attraction. Originally constructed using just bamboo and rope, today the rope has made way to steel cables, giving added safety and stability.The deck of the bridge is formed out of woven bamboo slats. In places some of these appear broken but its still sturdy enough to take the weight of tourists, locals and even small motorcycles.

Stepping onto the bridge is a little daunting at first, the bamboo deck flexing a little under your feet. Although the support cables are made of steel, you still experience some side to side sway and up and down bounce.

If there are lots of people on the bridge and you have young children with you, wait before crossing. The movement of the bridge might make you feel a little uneasy, as it will bend and sway more than normal. I guess its all part of the Experience.

The bridge spans around 40 meters and offers a great view of the emerald Sipatan River below. 

On the far side of the bridge you will find small shops, selling souvenirs, cold drinks and snacks. Additionally you can see “The Buko King”. He can strip a coconut (buko) in something like 10 seconds using just his teeth.

There are actually two bridges now, so foot traffic is reduced somewhat with I believe a one-way system in place, you cross on one bridge and come back on the other.

This fun attraction is included on our Budget Bohol Day Tour  & Choco Hills & Panglao Combo Tour