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Panglao, Mag-Aso Falls, Punta Cruz Combo Tour

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Panglao, Mag-Aso Falls & Punta Cruz Watch Tower Combo Tour – This Day Tour Combo Package allows you visit to many of the tourist attractions found on Panglao Island, additionally you will also visit Mag-Aso Falls and the Watch Tower at Punta Cruz (Bohol Mainland).

Our Tour now visits the ruins of Loon Church (destroyed in the October 2013 7.2 magnitude earthquake) and Loon Inang-angan Stairway,

A great tour package for those who have already experienced the Chocolate Hills and want to see some of Bohol’s other tourist attractions.

Mag-Aso Falls

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Mag-Aso Falls,  located in Antequera, Bohol, is a tourist attraction of natural beauty. Twin falls around 25 feet in height dominate the site, with a large pool at their base (formed by water erosion over thousands of years).

Situated at the bottom of a deep gorge, tropical flora and fauna surrounds the entire site. Towering trees forming a natural canopy, adding to the whole rain forest experience.