Mag-Aso Falls

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Mag-Aso Falls,  located in Antequera, Bohol, is a tourist attraction of natural beauty. Twin falls around 25 feet in height dominate the site, with a large pool at their base (formed by water erosion over thousands of years).

Situated at the bottom of a deep gorge, tropical flora and fauna surrounds the entire site. Towering trees forming a natural canopy, adding to the whole rain forest experience.

The walk down poses no problems, concrete steps (197 or so) and sturdy handrails make easy going of the otherwise steep slope leading to the falls. Reaching the bottom you’re greeted with a truly breathtaking view, the falls forming a stunning backdrop to take a memorable or dare I say romantic photograph .

If you are in a wheelchair or have mobility issues, Mag-Aso Falls is best avoided.

You can swim at Mag-Aso Falls, however take care, the main pool is quite deep under the falls. It does get shallower further away. For the more adventurous you can walk / climb up the far side of the gorge and make a spectacular leap in to the pool below. Make sure you have someone recording the moment on video.

Normally a safe place to visit. Care should always be taken as heavy rainfall in the local area can lead to flash flooding. People have been caught out by this and tragically lost their lives. Keep an eye on the local weather. If the weather is bad do not swim

At the entrance to the site you will find a small ticket booth, here you pay the small entrance fee. A Sari Sari store sells drinks and snacks (potatoe chips etc). Remember to bring or buy a bottle of water, the environment is very hot and humid, there are no shops to be found at the bottom area of the falls.

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